Maintaining A Healthy Body

Have you ever wondered what our bodies are made of? Our bodies are made of chemicals, cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, and organisms. Each one has a different job to do which makes us complete.

Here’s a diagram that explains the human body:



Our body has a respiratory system, a digestive system, a circulatory system, a muscular system, a skeletal system, a nervous system, a reproductive system, and an excretory system.

Our respiratory system is for breathing and consists of our lungs, pharynx, nasal cavities, trachea, and bronchus.

Our digestive system is for the absorption of nutrients which includes our liver, small intestine, large intestine, esophagus, rectum and anus.

Our circulatory system transports blood throughout our body. This system is made of our heart and blood vessels.

Our muscular system is made of voluntary, involuntary and cardiac muscles.

Our skeletal system contains bones and joints and protects our internal organs.

Our nervous system is a complex system similar to electrical wiring which transmits signals to the different parts of our body.

Our reproductive system is made for creating life and body parts vary between women and men.

Our excretory system is made of our liver, lungs, sweat glands and kidneys which is responsible for the elimination of waste from our body.

If any one of these complex systems become off balance we won’t feel complete and it may come to the point where we need medical attention.

Here are a few ways in which we can maintain a healthy body:

Diet – Eat healthy? Blah!

Eating healthy can be done in a few simple ways: add the colors of the rainbow to your diet, consume less sugar, eat smaller portions, calories in – calories out!

Are you overweight or underweight?

Do you prefer to diet? A diet takes time and commitment. Are you committed to a diet?

Do you prefer to be a vegan?

Talk to your doctor and find what works for you.

Exercise – Exercise? Who has time for that?

Exercise can be as complex as a workout at your local gym or as simple as a 20 minute walk several times a week. If it’s cold and raining out, I find it necessary to walk around the house and most times I prefer to dance to music.

Doctor – Yes, this is one of the most important things we need to do to stay healthy.

We should be on schedule for annual check ups which can find problems in our body before they become serious. Ladies, get your mammogram and pap test as directed by your doctor. Guys, get your prostate checked as directed by your doctor. As we get older, there are more tests such as a colonoscopy that are added the list.

Dentist – Visits to the dentist are important because our teeth and gums help set the stage for other parts of our body. Tooth decay can lead to serious problems such as infections in our heart and brain. Who knew?

I absolutely hate dentists offices. I hate the sound of the instruments they use. However, I make myself go at least twice a year. I just put in my earplugs and listen to music which helps me relax and not be as nervous.

The above things are just a few ways that we can maintain a healthy body.

Other things we can do to maintain a healthy body are as follows:

  1. watch what you put on your body such as hair color, lotions and powders as these things soak into our skin and travel throughout our body through the bloodstream. Some lotions, powders and creams are known to cause diseases such as cancer.
  2. get enough sleep
  3. go to a health spa – don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars on yourself. You’re worth it!
  4. have a few inner circle friends you trust and can talk to, go to lunch or dinner together, play games, or watch a movie
  5. keep your brain healthy – do puzzles, read books, color, play games
  6. get a pet – a dog, a cat, fish, reptiles, whatever your preference. Pets are a great way to give you something to love and they will love you back.
  7. find a hobby – sewing, gardening, painting, photography
  8. remain positive – find something positive in everything no matter what you feel is going wrong
  9. limit social media
  10. don’t forget your vitamins – vitamins don’t have to be pills – they are in the food we eat and from sunshine
  11. if something feels wrong – it most likely is – follow your instincts
  12. don’t get stuck in a rut – try something new, be creative, be adventurous

I hope that this post will give you something to think about and give you ideas on how you can maintain a healthy body.

I look forward to writing my next post which will talk about maintaining a healthy soul!

A Healthy Mind

Have you ever heard the saying “the mind is a terrible thing to waste”?

This slogan was created in 1972 by the UNCF (United Negro College Fund) to raise money for African American college scholarships. Eventually the slogan was slightly changed to help people become interested in investing in the stock market.

I agree with this slogan. Our mind is a terrible thing to waste. We waste time and energy on things that don’t matter and keep us from the good things in life.

Our mind can be a wonderful place if we allow it.

Don’t be confused. Our mind is not our brain. Our brain is where our mind lives.

Our mind is our thought process, our conscience, our feelings, and more.

We are prone to overthinking.

We are prone to worry.

We are prone to stress.

We are prone to guilt.

We have everyday anxieties that affect us.

All of these things have an affect on our mind.

Here are a few things we can do to help keep our mind healthy:

Eat healthy food!


Get enough sleep!

Rid your mind of negative thoughts!

Forgive yourself!

Take time to reflect on good things!

Draw a picture!

Be mindful of what you say and do!

Limit social media time!

Listen to music!

Be aware of your social circles!

Put a puzzle together!

These are just a few simple things we can do to keep our mind healthy. There are plenty of things I’m sure you can come up with on your own.

Be creative!

Maintain a healthy mind!

Obtain a healthy mind, body and soul…

Oh, the joys of a new year! A lot of us want to make changes.

Some of us want to lose weight, some of us want to gain weight, some of us want to quit bad habits, some of us want to learn a new trade, some of us want to make more money, while others prefer not to make changes.

And that’s ok! It’s your choice.

How can we have a healthy mind, body and soul?

1st we have to decide what change(s) we want to make.

2nd change your mindset.

3rd set goals. Start with small goals and then add on bigger goals as you become stronger.

4th seek help, if needed. Use support groups, friends, family, counselors, therapists, etc.

In the upcoming weeks I am going to cover topics which will hopefully give you courage to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul!

Life is a journey!

I look forward to having you join me on this journey!

Laughter is the best medicine!

Upon coming into a new year, we should look forward to great things ahead for us!

How is this possible with all the crap that’s going on in the world today?

I don’t have all the answers. However, I do know that laughter is a wonderful way to help us feel better. Inside and out!

Laughter is good for our soul, our mind, and our body.

I was recently told by one of our grandchildren that I laugh a lot. I thought, really? Wow!

Then I took the time to reflect and realized that I do laugh a lot.

I laugh when I’m happy, sometimes I laugh when I’m nervous, sometimes I even laugh when I’m sad.

Here are a few ways to find laughter:

Laugh with friends!

Read a comic strip!

Watch a funny movie!

Be silly!

I hope this new year brings you much happiness!

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there was a little girl came into the world. This little girl had 2 older siblings. They were raised in a strict Christian home, taught the ways of God, taught how to cook, clean, sew their own clothes, farm, plant and harvest crops for survival.

At the age of 10, this little girl accepted Jesus into her heart and asked God to forgive her of her sins. She was baptized and went to church with her parents every time there was a service. She sang in churches throughout the state, sang on television and several radio programs.

As this little girl grew older, going to to school and finishing high school, getting her 1st job, she realized there was a world out there she did not know of. A world her godly parents shielded her from. Hmmm, she wanted to see what this world is about.

Long story short… she went to Bible college. She wanted to be a Youth Evangelist. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the college closed and she had to move back home without being able to graduate from this college.

Depression set in. Severe depression. How could this happen? Is this not what God had intended for her? She actually contemplated suicide. She made a phone call to her oldest sister who talked with her and kept her from doing such a horrible thing.

Several years later she married a great guy and became pregnant. Wonderful news! Unfortunately, early into the pregnancy she has a miscarriage. A short time later, she became pregnant again. This time, they had a beautiful daughter!

Shortly after her daughter was born, she was told her older sister had cancer and didn’t have long to live. Sadly, her oldest sister passed away at the young age of 36.

Again, depression set in. She questioned God on why and how he could let this terrible thing happen. Her sister had 2 young beautiful children. Why didn’t he take her instead of her sister? She would have given anything to get her sister back.

However, this was not God’s plan!

Unfortunately, this little girl now a lady in her 30’s, turned her back on God. She became resentful toward God, doubting and wondering if He really existed.

Sadly, after 10 years of marriage, she asked for a divorce from her husband. He knew she was struggling within, as he too was raised in a Christian home. He granted her wish for divorce. She and her ex-husband both loved their daughter and kept in communication on what was best for her.

She met and dated another guy. She married this guy thinking she was in love again and he could help her raise her daughter as he had 3 wonderful children of his own. Sadly, this marriage ended after 13 years of hardship and struggle.

She was scared and afraid to be on her own. How could she survive? She wasn’t making enough money to raise her daughter on her own. How could she provide for her daughter, find good babysitters while she was working, etc… She was afraid and not sure she could be independent.

At this point, her sister gave her and her daughter a place to stay until she could get back on her feet. Her sister had been there on several occasions before in her time of need as well.

The young lady moved on with her life. There were times when she and her daughter were not sure if they would have food on their table or a roof over their head. However, she worked hard and became independent and provided for her daughter.

Where was God? Did he still love her? Yes, he did! He was there with her all the time even though she had doubted Him.

This lady now in her late 40’s started going back to church. She asked God for forgiveness. She was sorry she ever doubted Him. He had been there all the time. It was her who turned away from Him.

This lady went on to college. She put in long hours each day, working 4 part time jobs and going to school full time. She graduated with honors earning an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.

She eventually found a fantastic guy! Wow, this guy is awesome, she thought! However, is she ready to get married again? Is this in God’s plan? He has 4 beautiful children and 6 beautiful grandchildren. Does she want to be a grandma? Lot’s of questions!

Yes, she did it! Asking God for guidance, she accepted his proposal. They were married! The 2 families have blended making a wonderful, beautiful family!

At times this lady still questions God and wonders if He still loves her. In quiet moments and in her heart, she knows that He does.

God loves her!

How do I know?

This little girl…

Is me!

Am I perfect? NO! Only Jesus was perfect. He accepts us as we are. We only need to believe and put our trust in Him.

I have poured out my heart in this blog… In closing, I want you to know…

God is real!

Jesus loves me and you!

Do some soul searching, take time to talk to God, read your Bible, ask questions, search for truth, and…

Just believe!


Friends come and friends go! What is a friend?

Is having a friend or friends important to my life? YES!

Is a friend someone that talks about you behind your back? NO!

Is a friend someone that listens to you when you’re talking? YES!

Is a friend someone that deliberately hurts your feelings? NO!

Can a friend hurt me? YES, but not on purpose! And, if they do hurt you, they should ask forgiveness.

Is a friend someone that will call/text you and ask how you are doing? YES!

May a friend offer advice? YES!

May a friend give bad advice? SOMETIMES!

Can you and a friend disagree? absolutely!

Do you and a friend see things eye to eye? YES! Whether you are sitting on a tree branch and they’re hanging upside down in the same tree looking in your eye, we still can see eye to eye.

Can a friend make you feel worthless? NO!

Will a friend ALWAYS answer their phone when you call? NO! However, they will call you back as soon as they can.

How do you know you found a friend? 1. Your heart will let you know 2. A good friend will always be a friend, no matter what!

During our lifetime we may only find a few TRUE friends! Please cherish those friends!

It is my desire that you find a few TRUE friends in your lifetime!


ABC’s of Finding Inner Happiness

I am interested in helping you find your inner happiness! Why? Because I have been in your shoes. Yes, we all need to find our inner happiness and peace. I have been through tough times during my life just as everyone else. Yet, I chose to find happiness. I choose to find happiness every day.

You can choose to find happiness. Happiness comes from within. Not from money, things, friends, family, pets, or places.

You might be asking, “How do I find my inner happiness”?

I don’t know. What I do know is that it is possible to find it. I have come up with ways to hopefully help you find your inner happiness.

Take time to try these ABC’s and see how you feel! Best of luck!!

Accept yourself!!

We are all different. We look different, our skin is a different color, our hair is a different color, we wear different clothes, we go to different places. Accept yourself for who you are!

Be kind!

Kindness is how we can help others while helping ourselves feel better.

Clear the clutter!

Clear your mind, spirit, car, home, and anything else that is cluttered. Get organized.

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

No mater how big a problem feels to you, it’s small compared to the universe.


Take at least a 30 minute walk every day.


Faith is what we have even though we can’t see the outcome yet.


God can be several things. A “Higher Power” or Good Orderly Direction. Which direction will you choose? The good or the bad?

Help others!

Helping others will help you realize that you’re not the only person struggling with things in your life. Volunteer at a local shelter, food bank, call someone to check on them, or simply open the door for others.

It’s all small stuff!

Just breathe!

Know when to keep quiet!

Sometimes we may talk before we think. Stop for a moment and ask yourself, “How would I feel if someone said that to me”?

Love yourself!

If you can’t love yourself, how can you love someone else?


Be mindful of your feelings, be mindful of others, be mindful of nature, be mindful of the good things in life.

Never give up!

Regardless of how bad you feel, don’t ever give up!

Open your heart!

Don’t be afraid to let your heart be your guide.

Pace yourself!

Don’t be in such a big hurry to get through life. Find the pace that’s right for you.

Quiet time!

Find a quiet spot and take time to be quiet. Listen to your surroundings. Can you hear anything? If so, what do you hear?


Reflect on your life. What might need changed? How can you be a better person? Strive for excellence, not perfection!

Stop stressing!

Take time to be alone!


Voice your opinion!

First, it’s ok to voice your opinion. Use compassion instead of blurting out what you think. We don’t have to agree with everything we see or hear. Second, don’t hold anger inside. Find a calm way to vent. If you hold anger inside it affects your health, relationships, and can eventually cause death.

Worry less!

X …marks the spot!

If you miss the mark the first time, try again.

Young at heart!

Find something fun to do every day. Stay forever young!


Get plenty of sleep every night. Depending on your age, you should get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep every night.

I wish you the best in finding your happiness!

Find your happiness in this time of crisis!

Ask yourself: Am I happy? Am I anxious? Am I depressed? Am I concerned about the future? How can I cope? How can I find happiness?

The whole world is facing a crisis right now. You might find yourself scared, worried, depressed, anxious, bored, concerned about the future. Seems hopeless? Feel you can’t cope? Lost your sanity? No way!! We can find happiness during this difficult time! Here are some tips to help us cope:

Happiness comes from within, not from things! What can you do to find your inner happiness? Find something that works for you!

Things you can do to help yourself:

  1. Listen to music! Crank it up!! For something different, try different genres of music. There are many types available: pop, rock, classical, religious, reggae, hip hop, folk, blues, disco heavy metal plus many more.
  2. Dance like no one is watching! Dancing is a great way to exercise and it can also help with weight loss as well as keeps you moving.
  3. Get outside! Huh? Yep, fresh air does the body good! Things you can do outside: take a walk, find a serene place to sit and reflect, play outside games. Get a trash bag and a stick, pick up trash and throw it away. Have you taken a drive lately and observed the amount of trash lying around? YUK!
  4. Call a friend! We don’t have to see each other to talk. Whatever happened to a good old fashioned phone call? Pick up your phone and let someone know you are thinking about them.
  5. Watch something funny on tv or internet. Turn off the depressing things on tv. A lot of news right now consists of the same thing… turn it off… do something fun instead.
  6. Paint a picture, color, do word searches, draw a picture.
  7. Exercise your mind! Check out websites to help with brain challenges such as
  8. Read a book, magazine, newspaper.
  9. Do some photography – Not a photo journalist? Me neither. Grab a camera and take some photos. You’d be surprised at what you can do.
  10. Exercise! It’s good for your health. Follow your favorite trainer on the internet, exercise to a fitness DVD, etc..
  11. Find your faith! According to the Bible, faith is “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen!”

For those that have children in the home, here are things you can do with them to help:

  1. Communicate with your children! Ask questions. How are they feeling? What can you help them with? What are their worries? What are their accomplishments? Remember to listen! That’s the key! Offer advice if they ask for it. Always show kindness to them! They learn from our actions!!
  2. Be concerned! Take care of your children – they are our future. Be concerned for their safety. Know where they are and what they are doing at all times. You can still be concerned without being overprotective. Allow their freedom within reason.
  3. Family game time! There are plenty of games available or you can always make up your own.
  4. Read a book to your children! Ask questions about the book after you read it to them.
  5. Take a virtual tour! Most places are closed right now but there are plenty of tours available online. They are very informative and fun!
  6. Teach your children basic essentials of taking care of themselves! Show them things like cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, washing a car, grocery shopping, preparing a budget, balancing a checkbook, changing a tire, fixing something that’s broke. Don’t make these things sound like a chore, MAKE IT FUN!!
  7. Set aside time for them to do homework – education is important too! If they need help with homework, try to help them or get them help. Homework doesn’t have to be boring or scary. Make it fun! Do a science project together, learn math with them, host a spelling bee.
  8. Assign them chores! Don’t be afraid to have your children help around the house. They are never to young to start learning. Teach them how. Set a good example!
  9. Let them go outside and play! Allow them to get messy and dirty. A little dirt never hurt anyone.
  10. Family meal time! Make it, eat it, clean up the mess – TOGETHER!

I hope this gives you some ideas of what you can do to help you find your inner happiness and your sanity!

My best to you and your family!


The Bible

Sex fixes everything?

My husband and I have been together for 5 years, married for 3 years. Our life has been a wonderful mixture of love, laughter, family times, fun times, work, and play! Sometimes it seems that we have better days than most of our friends and family.

However, we have days like everyone else where it seems we won’t get through a tough time. My husband always jokes around with me and says,

“Sex fixes everything!”

HUH? Yeah right! He will even tell me that when he goes to the doctor for his annual check up that the doctor tells him to have more sex. I just laugh!

Like I am to believe that? I am in my late-50’s going through menopause. Sometimes having sex hurts or there is no desire. Sometimes I get depressed and don’t want sex. Usually around winter months when we are couped up together and could have the best sex of our life. Dang!

What is menopause?

According to, “Menopause is the end of a woman’s menstrual cycles. The term can describe any of the changes you go through just before or after you stop having your period, marking the end of your reproductive years.” Yes, I get grumpy, have mood swings, have hot flashes, have night sweats. Fun times! NOT!! However, I get through it.

I always felt that “making love” was better than “having sex.” Not true, I’ve experienced both in the past and feel that both have their advantages. “Making love” is an expression that I use to feel better about having sex. It’s a gentle experience that helps me feel loved. To me, I have to be “in the mood” to make love. “Having sex” is more of an aggressive way to make love and can be done at the spur of a moment. Anywhere, any time.

Him? He could be ready in a heartbeat. Well, with the help of a little blue pill. Cause he’s older too. It usually seems that guys can be ready for sex in an instant. Not always true. They are human too. After men turn 40, their testosterone levels lower making it harder for them to get an erection.


“Testosterone is the key male sex hormone that regulates fertility, muscle mass, fat distribution, and red blood cell production.” (

Since our marriage, we have tried out my husband’s theory on occasion and find that it works. Sex DOES fix everything! We both feel better, communicate better, and our love for each other flourishes. My depression lifts and I feel as though I can tackle the world. We overcome obstacles in our way. TOGETHER!

I recently read an article which I’d like to share with you… it’s a good read!

Sex can help you feel better, reduce anxiety, stress, and help you sleep better.

No, I am not saying just go out and have sex with anyone! If you are in a relationship, choose your partner. If you are not in a relationship, choose wisely. And, always practice safe sex! Use condoms! There are some nasty STD’s out in this world.

My advice, start loving yourself and…


Yes, my husband would agree!


Welcome to the new year!

A new year! New challenges? Possibly. Life gives us challenges, roadblocks, worries, etc. However, we can overcome those obstacles! I know, I’ve been there. I’ve had times when I didn’t know where I was going to live, what I was going to eat, if I’d have a job the next day (when I owned a small business), loss of loved ones, grief, abandonment, and much more. I overcame these obstacles. You can too!

Here are a few things we can do to strive for a better year ahead:

Feel free to set goals in life! Small goals. Accomplish those goals and set more goals. Take small steps if you need to.

Make mistakes in life! We learn by our mistakes. Even a small mistake can create a huge learning possibility. Bigger mistakes may hurt worse, yet they can also lead to a better life.

Make new friendships! Friends come and go yet a true friend will stick with you to the end. Friendships may end. New friendships are formed. Some friends hurt us. Those we may have trusted. Remember, they are human too. Friends talk bad about you when your not around – they are not a true friend! Find true friends!! Where do you find these friends? Find something in common: go to the park, volunteer somewhere you’d like to help, join a club, etc.

Be your best! How? Just be yourself! Don’t fret about what others think of you! You are great! You deserve greatness! Make mistakes! Learn from your mistakes! Move on when necessary! Most of all… love yourself!

Ask for help when needed! You do not have to bear your burdens alone! Ask for God’s help, ask for a friend’s help, ask for professional help if needed!

And, contact me! I am here for you! I won’t judge you! I will listen to you!