Friends come and friends go! What is a friend?

Is having a friend or friends important to my life? YES!

Is a friend someone that talks about you behind your back? NO!

Is a friend someone that listens to you when you’re talking? YES!

Is a friend someone that deliberately hurts your feelings? NO!

Can a friend hurt me? YES, but not on purpose! And, if they do hurt you, they should ask forgiveness.

Is a friend someone that will call/text you and ask how you are doing? YES!

May a friend offer advice? YES!

May a friend give bad advice? SOMETIMES!

Can you and a friend disagree? absolutely!

Do you and a friend see things eye to eye? YES! Whether you are sitting on a tree branch and they’re hanging upside down in the same tree looking in your eye, we still can see eye to eye.

Can a friend make you feel worthless? NO!

Will a friend ALWAYS answer their phone when you call? NO! However, they will call you back as soon as they can.

How do you know you found a friend? 1. Your heart will let you know 2. A good friend will always be a friend, no matter what!

During our lifetime we may only find a few TRUE friends! Please cherish those friends!

It is my desire that you find a few TRUE friends in your lifetime!