Have you ever been hurt by someone and felt like you just can’t forgive them? Should you forgive this person? How can I ever trust this person again?

For example:

You’ve been talked about by someone who said they were your best friend.

Someone told lies about you in school.

Someone told lies to your friends.

Someone told lies to your parents.

You were hurt by what someone wrote about you on social media.

Someone posted photos of you on social media which was hurtful, possibly demeaning.

Maybe you’ve done something hurtful to yourself or which was hurtful to others.

Can you forgive them? Can you forgive yourself? Yes, you can!

How do I forgive?

Why should I forgive?

Forgive yourself! Leave the past in the past and move forward.

Forgiving others may not have an easy quick fix. You may have to talk to the person. Tell them how you feel. Tell them you forgive them.

Why should you forgive? Forgiving yourself and others will free you and help you achieve your happiness!