Friends come and friends go! What is a friend?

Is having a friend or friends important to my life? YES!

Is a friend someone that talks about you behind your back? NO!

Is a friend someone that listens to you when you’re talking? YES!

Is a friend someone that deliberately hurts your feelings? NO!

Can a friend hurt me? YES, but not on purpose! And, if they do hurt you, they should ask forgiveness.

Is a friend someone that will call/text you and ask how you are doing? YES!

May a friend offer advice? YES!

May a friend give bad advice? SOMETIMES!

Can you and a friend disagree? absolutely!

Do you and a friend see things eye to eye? YES! Whether you are sitting on a tree branch and they’re hanging upside down in the same tree looking in your eye, we still can see eye to eye.

Can a friend make you feel worthless? NO!

Will a friend ALWAYS answer their phone when you call? NO! However, they will call you back as soon as they can.

How do you know you found a friend? 1. Your heart will let you know 2. A good friend will always be a friend, no matter what!

During our lifetime we may only find a few TRUE friends! Please cherish those friends!

It is my desire that you find a few TRUE friends in your lifetime!


Welcome to the new year!

A new year! New challenges? Possibly. Life gives us challenges, roadblocks, worries, etc. However, we can overcome those obstacles! I know, I’ve been there. I’ve had times when I didn’t know where I was going to live, what I was going to eat, if I’d have a job the next day (when I owned a small business), loss of loved ones, grief, abandonment, and much more. I overcame these obstacles. You can too!

Here are a few things we can do to strive for a better year ahead:

Feel free to set goals in life! Small goals. Accomplish those goals and set more goals. Take small steps if you need to.

Make mistakes in life! We learn by our mistakes. Even a small mistake can create a huge learning possibility. Bigger mistakes may hurt worse, yet they can also lead to a better life.

Make new friendships! Friends come and go yet a true friend will stick with you to the end. Friendships may end. New friendships are formed. Some friends hurt us. Those we may have trusted. Remember, they are human too. Friends talk bad about you when your not around – they are not a true friend! Find true friends!! Where do you find these friends? Find something in common: go to the park, volunteer somewhere you’d like to help, join a club, etc.

Be your best! How? Just be yourself! Don’t fret about what others think of you! You are great! You deserve greatness! Make mistakes! Learn from your mistakes! Move on when necessary! Most of all… love yourself!

Ask for help when needed! You do not have to bear your burdens alone! Ask for God’s help, ask for a friend’s help, ask for professional help if needed!

And, contact me! I am here for you! I won’t judge you! I will listen to you!