Find your happiness in this time of crisis!

Ask yourself: Am I happy? Am I anxious? Am I depressed? Am I concerned about the future? How can I cope? How can I find happiness?

The whole world is facing a crisis right now. You might find yourself scared, worried, depressed, anxious, bored, concerned about the future. Seems hopeless? Feel you can’t cope? Lost your sanity? No way!! We can find happiness during this difficult time! Here are some tips to help us cope:

Happiness comes from within, not from things! What can you do to find your inner happiness? Find something that works for you!

Things you can do to help yourself:

  1. Listen to music! Crank it up!! For something different, try different genres of music. There are many types available: pop, rock, classical, religious, reggae, hip hop, folk, blues, disco heavy metal plus many more.
  2. Dance like no one is watching! Dancing is a great way to exercise and it can also help with weight loss as well as keeps you moving.
  3. Get outside! Huh? Yep, fresh air does the body good! Things you can do outside: take a walk, find a serene place to sit and reflect, play outside games. Get a trash bag and a stick, pick up trash and throw it away. Have you taken a drive lately and observed the amount of trash lying around? YUK!
  4. Call a friend! We don’t have to see each other to talk. Whatever happened to a good old fashioned phone call? Pick up your phone and let someone know you are thinking about them.
  5. Watch something funny on tv or internet. Turn off the depressing things on tv. A lot of news right now consists of the same thing… turn it off… do something fun instead.
  6. Paint a picture, color, do word searches, draw a picture.
  7. Exercise your mind! Check out websites to help with brain challenges such as
  8. Read a book, magazine, newspaper.
  9. Do some photography – Not a photo journalist? Me neither. Grab a camera and take some photos. You’d be surprised at what you can do.
  10. Exercise! It’s good for your health. Follow your favorite trainer on the internet, exercise to a fitness DVD, etc..
  11. Find your faith! According to the Bible, faith is “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen!”

For those that have children in the home, here are things you can do with them to help:

  1. Communicate with your children! Ask questions. How are they feeling? What can you help them with? What are their worries? What are their accomplishments? Remember to listen! That’s the key! Offer advice if they ask for it. Always show kindness to them! They learn from our actions!!
  2. Be concerned! Take care of your children – they are our future. Be concerned for their safety. Know where they are and what they are doing at all times. You can still be concerned without being overprotective. Allow their freedom within reason.
  3. Family game time! There are plenty of games available or you can always make up your own.
  4. Read a book to your children! Ask questions about the book after you read it to them.
  5. Take a virtual tour! Most places are closed right now but there are plenty of tours available online. They are very informative and fun!
  6. Teach your children basic essentials of taking care of themselves! Show them things like cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, washing a car, grocery shopping, preparing a budget, balancing a checkbook, changing a tire, fixing something that’s broke. Don’t make these things sound like a chore, MAKE IT FUN!!
  7. Set aside time for them to do homework – education is important too! If they need help with homework, try to help them or get them help. Homework doesn’t have to be boring or scary. Make it fun! Do a science project together, learn math with them, host a spelling bee.
  8. Assign them chores! Don’t be afraid to have your children help around the house. They are never to young to start learning. Teach them how. Set a good example!
  9. Let them go outside and play! Allow them to get messy and dirty. A little dirt never hurt anyone.
  10. Family meal time! Make it, eat it, clean up the mess – TOGETHER!

I hope this gives you some ideas of what you can do to help you find your inner happiness and your sanity!

My best to you and your family!


The Bible

Immature forever… Forever young!

My goal in life is to be happy and spread happiness to others!

I used to be a shy, hide-in-the-corner, type of girl. I used to hide when friends and family would come to visit. Even though I spoke or sang in front of large audiences, I was very nervous and never looked at anyone. In school I was known as the geek or the shy girl that never talked nor had friends.

I was a people-pleaser. I would do what I thought made others proud of me. I felt I had to prove myself as a person worthy of love. If I screwed up, I hated myself! I felt I was not worthy of any praise or if someone told me I did a good job, I would not believe it.

I had great parents that taught me right from wrong, taught me about God, taught me how to take care of myself, my home and a family. They did their best to keep me from harms way. Never ever did I back talk my parents, get in trouble at school, etc… I learned how to take care of animals, plant gardens, harvest the gardens, can our own food, make my own clothes, etc…

However, I was a sad girl! Why? I may never know this answer. What I do know is this…

I am now a happier person, sometimes still shy, sometimes a little crazy, sometimes a LOT of immaturity. I love myself! Yes, I still have my moments when I get upset with myself if I feel I have upset another person but I came to realize that I cannot be a people-pleaser. I cannot make others happy. Their happiness has to come from within just as mine does.

Some people may say, “act your age.” What is age? Age is just a number. I’m sure many of us have aches, pains, heartaches, health ailments, family troubles, relationship problems, and other things too numerous to mention.

It’s how we deal with these problems that make us who we are. We CAN overcome our problems! We CAN make it to better health, we CAN survive the tough times! WE ARE STRONG!

I found a great book that has a lot of what I call “immature information.” This book is “The Encyclopedia of Immaturity” by the editors of “Klutz.” It’s filled with 410 pages of nothing but immaturity! Feel free to visit their website at for more information and great ideas for youngsters of all ages.

I plan to be immature forever! Why? I want to be forever young!!

So get up off the couch, stop dreading the bad things in life and…



Happiness doesn’t come from money or things. Happiness comes from within!

We can choose to be happy by responding to what happens to us. Are you having a bad day? We all have bad days from time to time. We all struggle with events and things going on in our life. We worry, we have stress, we have monetary struggles, we have children that we care for, we may have an elderly parent to take care of, we have health issues. I could go on and on…

It’s how we respond to these things that happen to us that counts. Take the time for yourself to rid the stress, talk to a person that will listen and not judge you, talk to others or join a group to get ideas on how to handle your situation. Most of all, please realize that you are not the only one in the world going through a tough time. You can be an overcomer!!

I choose happiness!