Maintaining A Healthy Body

Have you ever wondered what our bodies are made of? Our bodies are made of chemicals, cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, and organisms. Each one has a different job to do which makes us complete.

Here’s a diagram that explains the human body:



Our body has a respiratory system, a digestive system, a circulatory system, a muscular system, a skeletal system, a nervous system, a reproductive system, and an excretory system.

Our respiratory system is for breathing and consists of our lungs, pharynx, nasal cavities, trachea, and bronchus.

Our digestive system is for the absorption of nutrients which includes our liver, small intestine, large intestine, esophagus, rectum and anus.

Our circulatory system transports blood throughout our body. This system is made of our heart and blood vessels.

Our muscular system is made of voluntary, involuntary and cardiac muscles.

Our skeletal system contains bones and joints and protects our internal organs.

Our nervous system is a complex system similar to electrical wiring which transmits signals to the different parts of our body.

Our reproductive system is made for creating life and body parts vary between women and men.

Our excretory system is made of our liver, lungs, sweat glands and kidneys which is responsible for the elimination of waste from our body.

If any one of these complex systems become off balance we won’t feel complete and it may come to the point where we need medical attention.

Here are a few ways in which we can maintain a healthy body:

Diet – Eat healthy? Blah!

Eating healthy can be done in a few simple ways: add the colors of the rainbow to your diet, consume less sugar, eat smaller portions, calories in – calories out!

Are you overweight or underweight?

Do you prefer to diet? A diet takes time and commitment. Are you committed to a diet?

Do you prefer to be a vegan?

Talk to your doctor and find what works for you.

Exercise – Exercise? Who has time for that?

Exercise can be as complex as a workout at your local gym or as simple as a 20 minute walk several times a week. If it’s cold and raining out, I find it necessary to walk around the house and most times I prefer to dance to music.

Doctor – Yes, this is one of the most important things we need to do to stay healthy.

We should be on schedule for annual check ups which can find problems in our body before they become serious. Ladies, get your mammogram and pap test as directed by your doctor. Guys, get your prostate checked as directed by your doctor. As we get older, there are more tests such as a colonoscopy that are added the list.

Dentist – Visits to the dentist are important because our teeth and gums help set the stage for other parts of our body. Tooth decay can lead to serious problems such as infections in our heart and brain. Who knew?

I absolutely hate dentists offices. I hate the sound of the instruments they use. However, I make myself go at least twice a year. I just put in my earplugs and listen to music which helps me relax and not be as nervous.

The above things are just a few ways that we can maintain a healthy body.

Other things we can do to maintain a healthy body are as follows:

  1. watch what you put on your body such as hair color, lotions and powders as these things soak into our skin and travel throughout our body through the bloodstream. Some lotions, powders and creams are known to cause diseases such as cancer.
  2. get enough sleep
  3. go to a health spa – don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars on yourself. You’re worth it!
  4. have a few inner circle friends you trust and can talk to, go to lunch or dinner together, play games, or watch a movie
  5. keep your brain healthy – do puzzles, read books, color, play games
  6. get a pet – a dog, a cat, fish, reptiles, whatever your preference. Pets are a great way to give you something to love and they will love you back.
  7. find a hobby – sewing, gardening, painting, photography
  8. remain positive – find something positive in everything no matter what you feel is going wrong
  9. limit social media
  10. don’t forget your vitamins – vitamins don’t have to be pills – they are in the food we eat and from sunshine
  11. if something feels wrong – it most likely is – follow your instincts
  12. don’t get stuck in a rut – try something new, be creative, be adventurous

I hope that this post will give you something to think about and give you ideas on how you can maintain a healthy body.

I look forward to writing my next post which will talk about maintaining a healthy soul!